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The Taiwan Advantage

Many people ask why I chose to start Paka Electric in Taiwan, rather than follow the “normal” model and start a company in my homeland, then outsource manufacturing to Taiwan. Well, today I’d like to tell you about what I call the Taiwan Advantage, and how it benefits our customers.

Some quick background: I’ve lived with my family in Taiwan for 7 years. It’s a beautiful island with friendly people, unparalleled access to the outdoors, and some of the most highly-skilled manufacturers anywhere on the planet.

Trusty Trucker, the world's most capable e-moto, with two young girls on mountain bikes.
Out for a prototype test with my daughters.

When I decided to build Trusty Trucker, I wanted to stay close to those highly-skilled manufacturers. Generally, companies that manufacture overseas require long lead times for prototypes, video calls at all hours, and tons of carbon-spewing flights. Meanwhile, I can drop my girls off at school, pop over to our frame partner to see the latest prototype, give feedback, and be back in the workshop before noon.

Not to mention the human side of things. By living in Taiwan and investing in my local community, I can make connections and build long-term relationships that go beyond a supplier contract. These relationships allow us to innovate quickly, and deliver quality & value in our products.

A prototype of Trusty Trucker, the world's most capable e-moto, and two men giving thumbs-up signs.
Picking up the latest frame sample from our supplier.

Finally, a bit more on value. The prices of most e-motos on the market today are out of reach for many people. That’s partially because they have to include all those added costs: travel, shipping, and lead times. Thanks to the Taiwan Advantage, we don’t need to do any of that, and can deliver you an incredible bike for an amazing value.

Thanks for reading!

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Glad you getting this to be made in a way that makes sense and lets you connect with your manufacturing partners!


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