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Trusty Trucker

USD $3,799 (free USA shipping in lower 48 states)

Trusty Trucker is for doers. For people who like to face the elements and get things done: farmers, hunters, campers, beachgoers, forest managers, and desert explorers. 

Trusty Trucker has the heart of a workhorse and a spirit for adventure. It gives you access to the great outdoors. However, we believe that real access starts with affordability. Trusty is designed to deliver everything you need and nothing you don’t. That means hill-conquering torque and all-day riding range that just works... without the hassle of a smartphone, a Bluetooth connection, and dozens of confusing menus.

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With our PakaLot system, Trusty Trucker can easily flex to carry whatever you need: Lumber, tools, a surfboard, passengers - Trusty can do it all.


Trusty Trucker can be quickly adjusted to fit riders from 4’10” to 6’4”.


Responsive front shocks, tubeless motorbike tires and a suspension seatpost maintain cargo capability and ground clearance while isolating you from the hits.


If you feel comfortable on a bicycle, you’ll feel comfortable on Trusty. Intuitive throttle modulation and three power modes match your comfort level and terrain.


Trusty is built to empower self-service. We use non-proprietary technologies and modular components that can be adjusted and replaced with simple tools and techniques.

Riding Trusty Trucker:

  • Power / Torque / Thrust: 3800W (5HP) mid-drive motor delivering over 1510 Nm of torque and 1000N of thrust. Trusty can deadstart on a 50% grade while loaded with cargo. That means you’ll be struggling to stay upright before you ever run out of hill-climbing torque.

  • Stability: Because Trusty’s mass is low and centered 1) it's nearly impossible to wheelie the bike over, 2) there's no struggling to hold the bike upright and 3) it's no problem to pick Trusty up if it falls over.

  • Speed: 30 mph / 48 kph. As a workhorse, Trusty uses its power to deliver fistfuls of torque instead of a rarely-used top speed.

  • Reverse: Unlike most motorbikes, Trusty comes with a reverse mode so you can easily turn around, even on tight trails.

Get to know Trusty:

  • Frame: Rugged steel space frame is meant to get dirty, be scratched, and take impacts. Integrated cargo rails give you flexibility to carry up to 570 lbs (rider + cargo).

  • Range / Battery: 3.0 kWh of battery capacity means 40 miles (65 km) of off-road range on moderate trails at moderate speed. At a realistic trail speed of 10mph, that’s four hours of non-stop riding. If you’re on flat, smooth terrain, expect up to 75 miles of range. When you're looking at electric motorbike ranges, pay attention to battery capacity - Trusty's battery has 50% more capacity than many competitive options.

  • Drivetrain: Gearbox reduction and chain drive is quiet and resilient to the elements. It doesn't require finicky setup and is tolerant of misalignment.

  • Tires: Fat, rugged, tubeless motorbike tires for off-road toughness with long tread life and easy puncture repair.

  • Frame Color: Black

Using Trusty Trucker:

  • Battery Swapping: Swapping batteries takes less than a minute and and doubles your range. (optional second battery available)

  • Customer Support: Don’t want to drive 50 miles to a dealer and wait two weeks for service? We can have parts at your door in days and help you install them with simple tools and easy instructions. You can also chat with an expert from our team for more assistance.

  • Warranty: Paka Electric offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Please see warranty page for details.

  • Road Legal Status: Trusty Trucker does not yet have the full FMVSS certification to allow the motorbike to be registered for on-road use in the USA. When these certifications are complete, Trusty will qualify as a motor-driven cycle under Federal regulation. It will classify as a moped or motorcycle under US states’ vehicle laws.

Specifications are subject to change.

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