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At Paka Electric, our mission is to give wheels to the adventure-utility lifestyle. Our first electric motorbike, Trusty Trucker, will be the world's most affordable, cargo-enabled, off-road electric motorbike.

Trusty includes features you won't find anywhere else, like an adjustable seat and a full complement of cargo accessories.

Paka is a start-up company that wants to bring the outdoors closer to you. But access doesn’t start at the trailhead. It begins with products that accommodate riders of all stature. Products that are versatile and friendly. And products that are affordable.

We view our customers as our friends and hold honesty and transparency as core values. We want more people to experience the magic of clean, quiet, powerful off-road transport. Come ride.


We are now producing our first 10 pre-production units. Are you interested to be a first adopter? Learn more here.

Not ready to commit? Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn how Trusty Trucker can power your endeavors.

Got an idea for us? Paka is built for you and it's your voice that moves mountains. Get in touch with your comments or questions.



We don’t build vehicles for conquering nature. We build transportation tools for her stewards. With our quiet drivetrain and low-impact tires, you travel in peace and admire the grandeur around you. 

Don’t get us wrong, it’s fun to hang it out and throw a little dirt around. We’re into that. When you want to spin your tires, just keep it legal and on surfaces won't cause degradation, such as dedicated trails, sandpits, and public beach areas (not nature areas).

We also encourage our community to help maintain the trails and recreation areas that they enjoy. There’s no better way to appreciate your impact on nature than to be part of preserving it.


Andrew (portait)
Andrew Hall
Founder, CEO

Andrew has spent the past 15 years designing, sourcing, and manufacturing bicycles and tricycles for the world's toughest applications.  He launched Paka to lead the development of a new generation of light electric vehicles that set the bar in affordability and utility.

​Andrew is based in Taichung, Taiwan heading product development and supply chain.

Tom (portrait).jpg
Tom Hall, MBA

Tom holds his MBA from UCLA and is an 11-year veteran of supply chain and marketing operations at Sony.

Tom is based in San Diego and provides Paka with financial and operations strategy oversight.

Joe (portrait).jpg
Joe Bell, MBA

Joe is an experienced marketer and product manager with an MBA from Simon Business School. He has worked in both B2B and B2C roles in a variety of industries, including cycling apparel, chemical manufacturing, technology and real estate.


Joe is currently based in Düsseldorf, Germany and provides Paka with strategic marketing insights.



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