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Lightening the Load

What’s at the core of Paka Electric? What motivates us to start a company and devote unreasonable amounts of time and money to its success?


Straight to the point, the world is literally and figuratively burning. References to accelerating warming, the tipping point of the Amazon, etc. don’t need to be repeated. There is zero possibility that humanity can continue on its current path of expansion and consumption.


Transportation (including infrastructure) is one of the largest contributors to our impact on the planet. What we drive, how far we drive, and where the energy comes from is our collective choice. Built on habits adopted during times of plenty, it's unscalable and unsustainable. We’re barreling towards a future that does not look anything like a glossy auto advertisement. Oversized consumption habits lead to oversized vehicles, leading to oversized infrastructure, leading to a dying planet as well as living environments dominated by danger, noise, pollution, and traffic. It’s lose-lose.


The win-win future of transport is light and electric.



Because by far, the greatest, cheapest, and most available source of energy is… conservation. Vehicles that consume 10x less resources to manufacture, that operate on infrastructure that costs 10x less to create and maintain, while producing 10x fewer fatalities and 10x less pollution can be built on technology that exists right now.



Not because it’s a panacea; because its production and distribution is flexible and efficient. This enables a world of diverse energy solutions that exist now and within future innovation — something we don’t get when we bind ourselves inseparably to fossil fuels.

Paka Electric

While lots of interesting products exist in the growing category of light & electric, there is persistent pressure towards premium performance, aesthetics, and lifestyle. While it’s hard to deny that wealthy people are great customers, premium products don’t lend themselves to mass adoption. In the end, innovation has little impact if it does not find mass adoption.


The Paka team comes from the world of vehicle design and development, and wants to take this challenge head-on. There is too much technology that is now mature and affordable waiting in the wings. We want to deliver the kind of value that makes Paka the go-to brand for the future of everyday transportation.

Will you join us?

Our debut product is Trusty Trucker, a utility motorbike for farming, outfitters, conservationists, and explorers. Trusty is rugged and prides itself on simplicity and self-maintenance. It's the perfect place for us to build our foundations.

We need people who are passionate about our future. The world doesn’t need more $10,000 toys; it needs affordable, everyday solutions at scale. Give us your input, send us your encouragement, and come along for the ride.

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