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The PakaLot System - Trusty's cargo superpower

Trusty Trucker was designed from the ground up to be capable of easily hauling heavy loads over rough terrain. To do that, we created the PakaLot system, the most rugged and versatile accessory mounting system out there.

Trusty’s frame is constructed out of cargo rails which form the heart of the PakaLot system. This means that you can attach accessories almost anywhere on the entire surface of the bike.

And the best part? PakaLot is open-source so now you can build your own attachments to fit your exact needs. We also have a wide variety of accessories that you can use with the PakaLot system.

The genius of integrating cargo rails directly into our frame is that it makes for a simple, rugged and flexible system. You can attach anything directly to Trusty using a few common parts.

Strut channel nuts and bolts are off-the-shelf components that you can purchase at many hardware stores. You can insert a strut channel nut anywhere on the PakaLot cargo rails, then slide it to dial in your position before tightening it down.

Even the kickstand and foot pegs that come with Trusty can be repositioned on the cargo rails to adapt to your riding position and cargo. Along with our adjustable seat height, that means that Trusty can comfortably fit riders from 4’10” to 6’2”, even when carrying heavy loads.

Got questions about the PakaLot system? Leave them in the comments below, or contact us.

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