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Paka Electric: Call for Ambassadors!

As we prepare to launch Trusty Trucker, Paka Electric is looking for ambassadors and reviewers in the United States and Taiwan who are excited about our mission and want to help spread the word.

Our ideal partner is highly active on social media with an established audience, and is motivated to grow the electric utility market. Trusty Trucker is an off-road utility companion and therefore we’re looking for collaborators who speak to the market sectors of farming, adventuring, hunting, land management, beach exploring, etc. Experience with motorized bikes or motorcycles is NOT a requirement - Trusty Trucker is designed to be approachable and easy-to-ride.

Depending on circumstances, our partners will receive either 1) a one month loaner bike or 2) a free/discounted bike (retail price $3,199) along with a direct line to our small team as we use your feedback to finalize Trusty Trucker’s design. In exchange, they'll be asked to make regular honest posts about their experience with Trusty, and participate in feedback sessions to help us make the motorbike better.

If this sounds like you, fill out our form here:

Please share this with your networks to help us find the best ambassador team possible!

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