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Why Would I Want a Trusty Trucker?

The word that we always use to describe Trusty is “companion”. Trusty is designed to be your safe, reliable, friend that is ready to go whenever, wherever you are... while demanding little in return. With heaps of torque, rugged motorcycle tires, and a giant cargo space, there’s almost no burden it won’t bear or hill it won’t climb. When compared to electric bicycles and other electric motorcycles here’s what you should keep in mind:

1) Essentials. Trusty Trucker’s guiding principle is to deliver the function and reliability that you need without all the frills that you don’t. That means range and cargo capacity without the goofiness of smart phone apps and shiny LCD displays.

2) Price. How do we do it? We go straight to the source. That’s why we’re a Taiwanese company. We live here. Taiwan has spent four decades building its capability in light vehicles and has the highest per capita motorcycle ownership in the world. While others are sending proposals by email, we’re on the production floor with factory owners figuring out how to do things better, cheaper, faster.

3) Safety. Having fun and getting things done shouldn’t involve getting hurt. So, while Trusty can certainly create thrilling experiences, it’s passion is to make everyone feel included and bring everyone home safely. For this reason, Trusty is equipped with 1) an adjustable seat height to keep your feet flat on the ground 2) three different riding modes so you can dial back the power to your comfort zone 3) ultra-simple controls to eliminate the learning curve. We promise, if you can ride a bicycle, you can ride Trusty.

4) You Drive. Paka is a direct-to-customer business. That means you’re in the driver seat and aren’t dependent on a dealer for sales and service. If you can receive a FedEx package, then you’re ready to start Truckin’. Trusty is designed for self-service. Its components are plug-and-play and require only simple tools to be serviced. Instead of driving to a dealer 50 miles away and waiting a week for service, order from our website. You’ll have parts within days and with our how-to guides you can put yourself back on the road in less than an hour.

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